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Triple Anise Cookies "Chraebeli"

Triple Anise Cookies

These charming cookies are traditionally made for the Christmas holiday in Switzerland, but they are honestly good enough to serve all winter long.  There is no butter in this recipe and they can be kept for a very long time with proper storage.  I love the flavor of anise, and in addition to the seeds, […]

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When butter and Gruyere meet, it’s always good.  These appetizer puffs are simple to make, rich yet deliciously light (in weight, not calories), and are especially nice around the holidays and for special occasions when you’ve chucked your healthy eating plan right out of the proverbial window. Get the recipe…

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It’s Grittibaenz Time

December 6 is a couple of days away and it’s time to make Grittibaenz for the Santa Claus Day goodie bags. A Swiss Zopf recipe is perfect to use for these little bread boys. Get the recipe…

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