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Cynthia, her Grandmother and the original black walnut icebox cookie recipe

Black Walnut Icebox Cookies

My Grama was an “old-fashioned” grandmother, the kind that let you help her pick tomatoes and pull fresh peanuts up from the black soil in her garden. The kind that let you run amok with the garden hose in the back yard with siblings, cousins and neighbor kids in the summer. The kind that helped you […]

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Pecan Cashew Sandies

Pecan Sandies Redux

Remember grocery store pecan sandies?   I loved them when I was a kid, but these are elevated!  Cashew meal is added to the dough and the baked sandies are topped with toasted pecans: buttery mouthwatering goodness. I found cashew meal at Trader Joe’s, but you could grind your own if you want. Milk or […]

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Triple Anise Cookies "Chraebeli"

Triple Anise Cookies

These charming cookies are traditionally made for the Christmas holiday in Switzerland, but they are honestly good enough to serve all winter long.  There is no butter in this recipe and they can be kept for a very long time with proper storage.  I love the flavor of anise, and in addition to the seeds, […]

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