Matsutake mushrooms

Mighty Matsutake

  I was taking inventory of my pantry last week and came across a package of dried Matsutake (maht-sue-tah-keh) mushrooms stuffed behind a bag of dried Shiitakes.  I have no recollection of why I bought them, but they’ve been there for a while, two years at least.  They hadn’t “expired” yet so I thought I’d […]

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Arugula Salad with Chicken, Wild Rice, Edamame and Roasted Sweet Potato

Fall salads still satisfy

It may officially be fall, but that’s not stopping me from eating salads as my main meal.  I still need my dose of fresh greens every day, seasons be damed.  This salad is not only beautiful to look at, it’s every bit as tasty.  Prep the ingredients in advance and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to compose […]

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Cynthia, her Grandmother and the original black walnut icebox cookie recipe

Black Walnut Icebox Cookies

My Grama was an “old-fashioned” grandmother, the kind that let you help her pick tomatoes and pull fresh peanuts up from the black soil in her garden. The kind that let you run amok with the garden hose in the back yard with siblings, cousins and neighbor kids in the summer. The kind that helped you […]

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Baked bean recipes from the New England Cookbook, published in 1956

Baked Beans

I really liked baked beans when I was a kid, but anymore I find them to be way too sweet and no wonder: many of the the baked bean recipes contain refined sugar.  Not only that, many also contain ketchup which, unless you’re paying attention to labels, can also contain added sugar. After doing a little digging […]

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Bulgur Watercress and Ricotta

Healthy and Delicious Grain Salads for Summer

I love summer, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  If the first time you visit our area is in the summer, you’d think the weather was perfect.  And it is, most of the time.  Unfortunately, things start going downhill weather-wise from late September on.  Unless, of course, you have visitors from out of state that arrive […]

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Saffron-Tomato Fettucine with Mussels

Mussel Madness

March Madness is almost a distant memory now, maybe because I had the good fortune of being able to score “mass quantities” of Penn Cove mussels last weekend (and just maybe because none of “my teams” made it to the Final 4).  Living in the Pacific Northwest near the ocean does have some very delicious […]

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Pea and Buttermilk Soup

Peas Please

Here is another pea recipe that might surprise you!  With only three ingredients (peas, garlic, and buttermilk), this chilled soup is quick and easy to prepare, and the flavor just pops.  Frozen peas will work here, but please do treat yourself to fresh peas if you can find them.  It’s really worth it.  The only […]

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Fresh Pea Salad with Tomato Mint Dressing

Fresh Peas with Basil and Tomato-Mint Dressing

It finally feels like spring in the Pacific Northwest. Our weather hasn’t been as bad as some parts of the country, but it does stay awfully gray around here for what seems like an eternity. Now the temperatures are milder, the rain is warmer, the birds are singing and the perennials are coming to life. […]

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Pecan Cashew Sandies

Pecan Sandies Redux

Remember grocery store pecan sandies?   I loved them when I was a kid, but these are elevated!  Cashew meal is added to the dough and the baked sandies are topped with toasted pecans: buttery mouthwatering goodness. I found cashew meal at Trader Joe’s, but you could grind your own if you want. Milk or […]

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Nino looking up

Chicken Liver Dog Treats

Our dog is part of the family, no question. Because he’s a relatively small dog, his “voice” is what he uses to make him seem bigger. If you came to the door and knocked, you’d know what I mean.  He freaks, screams, shrieks…blood-curdling sounds. It’s painful to the ears, but we have come to understand […]

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