Cynthia Roberts


I’m Cynthia Roberts.  This is my blog about food and the culture of food as I’ve come to experience it, and many of my most favorite recipes.

A number of years ago, I moved to Switzerland to live and work.  I met, and eventually married, a charming Swiss guy who appreciated food as much as I did.  Whenever I cooked something he liked, he would say, “Love travels through the stummie!”  It was his endearing way of saying, “a way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, and this is delicious!” After a few times of trying to correct his English, I just let it go, and it become a permanent phrase in our household vernacular, and a complement I never tired of hearing.

Living in Switzerland taught me to really appreciate food: how to prepare it and, more importantly, how to slow down and enjoy it with others, especially with those that mean the most to us: our family and friends.  In Switzerland, as in all countries, food was central to socializing and communing with people. What I was not accustomed to was “sitting through” a meal sometimes for hours on end.  I had to cultivate patience for this custom. I was used to eating in front of the television, or in the car on the way to somewhere else.  What was I thinking?!  I quickly came to love the European-style of eating and, after returning to the States where I now live, missed it a lot.

My eating style is eclectic.  My greater aim to to eat unprocessed foods, whole and fresh in their natural state, but I’m just as fond of a good burger and ice cream once in a while. Growing up in the sixties, I ate my share of the usual junk food of the day, but at home my mom usually prepared nutritious balanced meals that included a lot of salads and vegetables.  I like to prepare a variety of dishes and will eat almost anything (although the thought of eating insects still creeps me out and you won’t find any grasshopper or cricket recipes on this site anytime soon).

When I’m not cooking and photographing food, I make my living developing software. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to develop everything from microprocessor firmware to user interfaces, and with some amazing developers and development teams (thank you, Swissair!). Lately, I’ve been working with small businesses to help them establish and improve their Web presence.  Working with small businesses, the life blood of our communities, is exciting and gratifying.

There are so many things vying for our attention these days, and I am honored that you have taken the time to read this far. I hope you find a recipe or two that strikes your fancy and maybe inspires you. Love can be expressed to our family and friends through the preparation of everyday meals – through the stummie – and it is my pleasure to share my love of cooking with you.